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VR goes 4K.

The Pico G2 4K takes the G2’s focus on high-performance, sleek design and maximum comfort and enhances the resolution to a crisp 4K for a top-of-the-line experience with a streamlined all-in-one counterweighted design.

Built with the enterprise in mind.

Kiosk Mode – Dedicate the Pico G2 4K headset to a single application for simple and focused use cases.

Handsfree Controls – No controller, no problem. The Pico G2 4K has a handsfree control option that enables easy “look and choose” selection.

Hygienic Design – Each Pico G2 4K has access to replaceable PU face inserts that are easy to clean and hygienic for mass use.

Crystal clear visuals.

Featuring a 4K LCD display with 3840 x 2160 screen resolution – The Pico G2 4K provides the user a premium viewing experience. With a refresh rate of 75Hz and a ppi of 818, the G2 4K has brighter and clearer picture quality.

*Do not allow lenses to come in contact with long periods of direct sunlight. Damage to the screen may occur.

75HzRefresh rate
Display 4K 4K 4K
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Weight 278g(w/o Band), 470g(total) 298g(w/o Band), 490g(total) 278g(w/o Band), 470g(total)
Refresh rate 75Hz 75Hz 75Hz
Storage 128G 128G 32G
Content Pico Store,Viveport Pico Store,Viveport Pico Store,Viveport
Tracking 3DoF 3DoF 3DoF
External camera N/A 1 RGB Camera N/A


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